Dear monster in law

Dear monster in law;

I know I’m not married to your son but I might as well be, I am the one who he goes to when he needs fixed. I am the one that holds him when he can not hold himself, I visit him every week come rain or shine.

He is and will always be my love, I may not be the person who you thought he would want to be with but well here I am.

During my pregnancy you slated me to everyone calling me every name under the sun, telling everyone I need a DNA test as that child is not your sons, I’m a trapper and I’m this and I’m that. The list can go on and on of the horrible things you said

Now I’ve had my baby and his beautiful, and the double of your son, you go round telling everyone, oh don’t he look like my boy, that girl is a bitch she won’t let me see him, I’ve brought this and that for him, I just wanna see my grandson.

Because of you I’ve got people telling me to let you see my child and I’m being unfair, but wasn’t you the one who told me to get rid of him and said you would throw me down the stairs?

Your son wants you to see our baby but I’m the one that has to give up my pride and go to a woman that caused me so much stress in my pregnancy, unfair right? 

I am the one who will have to sit with a woman who has said all of these horrible things to me , to make her and my boyfriend happy ? But what about me does it not matter if I am happy?

My son is 11 weeks you have not once messaged me to ask me can you meet him, you want me to do the running?

Nor has any of your family members messaged me to see my son, but you all run around telling everyone that I’m a bitch for not letting you see my child 

After all of you screaming you won’t have anything to do with him, that he is not your family and you will not accept him , what has changed? What made you change your mind?