I am not a mother

if i had a pound for every time someone told me any of the following i would be rich

  • “You had a c-section it doesn’t count”  your not a mum you had a c-section, “your just jealous you had a c-section and i had natural, “you took the easy way out”

people remind me daily i have not given birth,

if you asked me at 24 weeks pregnant what my birth plan was it was 100% not to have a c-section, i had my heart set on a water birth, oh how i wanted a water birth

to be told at 28 weeks my baby is breech i knew the c-section was coming

the ugly scar that will be with me for life now just so i could bring life into the world.

so this post goes out to all the women that say i am not a mother because of my scar and that i took the easy way out,

the easy way is natural while i was in a hospital bed unable to walk or deal to my baby as i couldn’t get out of bed to deal with baby many of my friends who have had natural were out of hospital in the park and walking around,

while natural moan that it hurts to pee for a few days, it hurt to stand for two weeks, while natural lose the baby weight in days mine is there 10 weeks on, while natural you are healed in a few weeks you no longer hurt, my scar still plays me up 10 weeks on,

Tell me about your bond ? I bet it’s amazing because my bond hasn’t come yet , while natural mothers say the bond was there straight away mine was not.

My scar is not hid about, it is there for all to see

It still hurts to sit up some days 

But I am not a mother for I haven’t actually gave birth 


Author: mummysworld2017

18 year olds mother of a son born 28/03/2017

One thought on “I am not a mother”

  1. That’s just silly. Of course you’re a mother! I had a c-section and a vbac. It’s all just part of the story. It was sad to give up the birth I imagined but when my baby was here, it didn’t really matter how he came out. And don’t worry, the scar will fade. And you are always a mommy, no matter how you gave birth. Anyone who says otherwise is being ridiculous.


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