you are under arrest

When i heard the word “handcuffs” i would think of fifty shades of grey, not police handcuffs.

i got the call early december to be told my boyfriend was in hospital.My heart dropped and my head was all over  the place, how am i going to cope without him.

three hours after getting the call that told me he was hospital i called all   the local hospitals “no-one under that name here ” i finally got hold of him in a hospital miles away but am not allowed to speak to him, i was finally told he had been arrested for dangerous driving, while drunk and in a stolen car…

He was in hospital as the driver had crashed into a wall while drunk and my boyfriend had come crashing out of the car and hit the wall while the driver was untouched,lucky no-one was seriously hurt.

a month later after getting the call i finally found what prison he was being held in and had to wait another 3 weeks to be able to book a visit to see him. after two months of not seeing my boyfriend i didnt know what to say to him, i was so angry he got himself into this mess while i was pregnant 

did he not care about me or our child??

i would visit him every week right up utill i had our son, after having our son i had to wait a while before seeing him again as i had a c-section and i was unable to walk for a while, i also had to wait for my son to be put on  the visiting list,

after my son was put on the list i visit him every week twice a week,

prison is no place for a newborn but who am i to stop a father and son from seeing each other.

his court date is coming up next week and i sit her wondering how will things turn out, will we be a family or am i going to be visiting prisons for a while longer,

i shall stand by him no matter the outcome.

to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.




Author: mummysworld2017

18 year olds mother of a son born 28/03/2017

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